English bulldog de L'Empire des Elfes
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The Empire of the Elves welcome you.

From forests "Berry", small elves evil, good at magic, mysterious and secretive.

Love, passion, delicacy and serenity cradle our everyday lives ... We live free in perfect harmony with the horses and other animals of this fabulous hill of Cernoy.

Our genetics is studied extensively in order to halt all pathologies turning around our race what the Bulldog.
Perpetually seeking the physical qualities to be the final requisent A REAL ENGLISH BULLDOG.

Ground level with broad shoulders, a robust body and short, a good deal crushed (well typed) a piece of tailbut not too long anyway, large nostrils, ears in tulips, and expressive eyes round, and especially a characterin GOLD!

Our choice of marriage are studied in order to be able to suggest topics worthy of the race.

Think car
efully before we make your life partner ...Check with breeders if you do not know us and do not forget the English Bulldog is unique!

Thank you all, visitors,
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